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The CSS "element" function

I can’t believe this is a thing, it blew my mind when I found this today in my twitter feed:

The short take of this awesome article is that there is a CSS method called element(), that allows you to take a “snapshot” of a specific DOM element (given via CSS selector) and lets you use that snapshot afterwards e.g. as a background image. One obvious use case would be for creating a minimap like panel with a preview of the whole document, as it’s common in most modern IDEs.

<!-- HTML of the element you want to use e.g. as background -->
<div id="ele">
  <p>Hello World!</p>
<div id="eleImg"></div>
/* CSS using the element function */
#eleImg {
  background: -moz-element(#ele) no-repeat center / contain;

Really recommend reading the article linked in the tweet 😊

Only downside (as usual with awesome CSS stuff): browser support is pretty bad, essentially just Firefox at this stage: https://caniuse.com/#feat=css-element-function