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Share Your Knowledge

Well, this is basically the whole point of this part of my website, but it’s still worth explaining why I do this.

Personally, I am constantly looking for new things to learn, driven by that thrist for knowledge and trying to improve whenever I can. But that also means that I get bored very quickly. Even worse: whenever I feel like I’m not learning I loose motivation and even get anxious, feeling like I’m wasting my time.

This leads me to be on the constant lookout for new and exiting things to learn. But what to do with the gained knowledge? In my opinion one of the most powerful things you can do is to share it with others. Over the last year or so I actively tried to improve that for myself, speaking at local meetups and trying to mentor other developers in my team whenever I think I can. But sharing knowledge with others doesn’t only help them (even though this would be a good enough reason to do so on its own), in my experience it also, or even more so, helps me to really understand the matter deeply. When explaining something, you have to think about it, feedback and questions from others will make you see that something from a different perspective. As far as I’m concerned, teaching others will make me leave more knowledgable as well.

But beyond all of this, the main reason why I have this section on my website and why I recommend everyone to do something similar (no matter if public or just for yourself) is for something else. Awareness. As I said, I quickly get into a state where I feel like I stagnate, not learning anything anymore. But this is rarely true. There are so many small things we learn on an everyday basis. And I personally never realised this until I started keeping track of it.

So go ahead, keep notes or your thoughts and TIL moments somewhere accessible, you won’t regret it 😊