Sydney Opera House

The Project

While contracting for Sapient Nitro I got the chance to become the lead frontend developer on the Sydney Opera House project. This involved a complete redesign and re-development of their website, with special focus on the ticket booking experience.

As the lead developer I was responsible for early prototyping of given designs as well as final implementation (and handovers to the backend teams, that would integrate them into the CMS), while being in charge of a team of 6 remote developers in India to achieve this.

Technical Challenges

Besides the usual challenge of working closely together with the design team, the focus on the booking experience meant complete re-development of the seat selection process. This included detailed work building on top of SVG theater maps, automatically translating them into interactive HTML interfaces and hooking everything up to the logical data flow to be integrated into the CRM.

Due to the teams experience, the tech stack was limited to vanilla Javascript and jQuery, setting up the build using gulp and babel where it seemed sensible. Templates were built using Handlebars, mainly to make the integration later through the backend team more seamless.

I learnt a lot especially regarding time and team management in this role, while obviously enjoying being able to work for such a prestigious client.