Vouch is a startup based in Sydney. The product started as a video collection tool for testimonials, but broadened and repositioned since then to be, more generally speaking, a video driven knowledge and sales enablement platform.

Vouch provides both the recording experience, as well as the administrative layer, which includes being able to easily request videos from other people, manage your video responses, recordings and uploads, as well as gain insights through AI analysis.

As lead developer, the core challenges besides building the products required for this, was dealing with these various layers of the product, some public facing (like the recording and playlink experience), some not (like the admin part).

I’ve also been leading a lot of the architectural parts and decision making, to prepare the product and the team for future scale and success. This includes work on the core design system, on the infrastructure and development/release processes, on product analytics, etc.


  • JS & Typescript
  • React / Next
  • Vue / Nuxt
  • Node
  • AWS Amplify
  • Jest & Playwright
  • Figma
  • CI/CD through Github Actions
  • git