Femaso is a small family business located in Cairns, Queensland. As part of my working holidays I got hired as a full-time software engineer, working on both frontend and backend, as well as doing occational design and marketing work. I was one of three developers in the team.


The core product was a CRM application for small businesses, allowing them to manage contacts, jobs and keep track of their empoyees working hours via an in-app roastering module.

The applications views were driven by SSR PHP, the application itself was written in JS (with some jQuery for easier cross browser animation e.g.) and AJAX, essentially making it a SPA.

My main responsibility included the maintainance of this and other existing products, as well as planning and implementing new ones. On the technology side this included mapping applications for local farmers, using OpenLayers and PostgreSQL geocoding functionality, optical camera recognition (OCR) using Python automating processes and data from live camera streams, and generally massive data handling and analysis in PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and MS SQL.

I was also in charge of a new project that used PhoneGap to turn web applications into mobile apps for various platforms, to make it move accessible for our clients while working in remote locations.

This job, while of limited time due to my working restrictions on the working holiday visa, taught me a lot about different technologies and areas in software engineering, exposing me to various interesting and constantly challenging problems.


  • PHP
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, SQLite
  • Python (incl. OCR)
  • OpenLayers (incl. Postgres geocoding)
  • JS
  • jQuery
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PhoneGap
  • SVN
  • Linux